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  • Myths, Legends and Folklore of China

    How the smiling god of longevity, Shou-lao, records the time of a person's natural death as soon as that person is born; how a farmer befriended a fox that took the form of an old man who, magically, took the farmer to a restaurant far away, to be entertained in grand style, only for the farmer to eventually realise that respectable people do not befriend foxes, upon which the fox and his vulpine friends vanished, leaving the farmer far from home and without money; how the world was created by the death of Hun-Tun (chaos), who had no eyes, ears, nostrils or mouth and died when his friends Shu, ruler of the South and Hu, ruler of the North, cut seven holes, over seven days, so that Hun-Tan could see, hear, breathe and eat; how Monkey (Sun Hou-Tzu) was hatched from an egg on the eastern side of the Pacific (so is technically a New World monkey); how, when Monkey asked Thang Seng to remove the squeezing helmet that he had used to discipline Monkey during the quest to the Western Paradise, Monkey found that it had already vanished as a result of his reformation and enlightenment; and how victims of drowning became ghosts (kuei) until another unfortunate person drowned at the same place (an event that the kuei might therefore initiate), are among the myths, legends and folktales of China. (We do not promote superstition and they are presented for your interest only.)

    Shanghai Trader wishes you a comfortable stay in your Yongdingzhen hotel. When you get the chance, stay in some of the famous, luxurious and/or historic hotels of your destinations. The Queen Mary in Long Beach, the Mandarin Oriental Pudong in Shanghai, the Cascades Hotel at Sun City in South Africa, the Chelsea Hotel in New York, the Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana, the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in Macau and the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. are among the historic, famous and/or luxurious of the international hotels.

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